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1. Jacquard workshop I:
built for the production of jacquard, the workshop covers an area of 3,000 square meters.

2. Jacquard workshop II:
possessing the same area with that of the workshop I, this plant is used for storing the material for jacquard production.

3. Loom workshop I:
with the floor area of 3,000 square meters, this workshop is built up for manufacturing looms.

4. Loom workshop II:
covering an area of 3,000 square meters, this plant is particularly designed for storing the material for loom production.

5. Injection moulding workshop
In February 2012, the first-phase project startup for moulding injection plant was carried out, equipped with 8 sets of injection moulding machines.
In June 2012, the injection moulding plant was put into production. There were 40 employees working in the workshop.
In August 2012, S&S founded the injection moulding assembly workshop.
In October 2012, we purchased another 4 injection moulding machines for the assembly workshop.
In May 2013, we made investment for the introduction of 10 machines for the second phase project of moulding injection plant. The number of the mounding injection machine reached up to 22 sets, capable of assembling 40,000 sets of pulley block everyday.

6. Production base introduction
Set up in September 1999 with the investment of RMB 3 million, our production base was equipped with advanced processing equipment in the machining industry, including two machining centres, two milling machines, two lathes, one universal radial drill and one digitally controlled flame cutting machine. Currently, the number of operator is increased from 8 to 20. To ensure the product quality, the main parts are manufactured by ourselves. Our excellence is achieved through powerful processing and inspection capacity, as well as the feasible management.

7. Module workshop:
the assembly of the main parts with high quality is conducted in this workshop.

8. Workshop for warp tying machine