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Customers from Guangdong Province
We generally offers matching product to the weaving machine manufacturers in Guangdong province, for example, Guangdong Fengkai Machinery Co., Ltd. Additionally, our company also sets up cooperative relationship with the end customers like Foshan Nanhai Jiaxinglong Textile Co,. Ltd. This client mainly deals with garment materials. From 2007 to present, this customer has purchased 70 machines from our company.

Clients from Zhejiang Province
1. A fabric company in Haining city: the cooperation with this client started from June 2005. This customer mainly purchases the electronic jacquard of SEJ2688 and SEJ5120 series for home textile production on rapier loom. Till now, we have sold 32 jacquards to this customer.
2. Hangzhou Yuhang Famous Textile Co., Ltd.: from August 2007, this client is quite satisfied with our SEJ5120 series electronic jacquard due to the low failure rate and high efficiency.He purchases the machines particularly for his imported G900 rapier loom
3. A textile company in Haining city: in 2007, the customer, who runs business with household textiles, purchased 12 sets of SEJ5120 jacquard weaving machines from us to match the imported LEONARDO looms.
4. A textile company from Hangzhou city: mainly requiring the equipment with massive hooks, from May 2010 till now, the customers has purchased 13 sets of jacquard heads with over 8,000 hooks from us. Now, the second cooperation is under discussion, and it is about 10 sets of jacquard machines with hooks more than ten thousand.

Partners from Jiangsu Province
1. Customers from Jiangsu province are mainly distributed in Shengze town, Wujiang district in Suzhou city and Rudong county in Nantong city. Suzhou Lianyou Weave Co., Ltd., who mainly runs business with home beddings, has heavy demand on the matching machines for small rapier loom, air jet loom, and projectile shuttle machine. Currently, this company has introduced 83 jacquard machines from us.
2. Rudong Jewel Weaving Co., Ltd., who has been cooperating with us from 2006, has purchased 66 electronic jacquards of SEJ2688 and 5120 series from us for home textile production.
3. Introduced by Rudong Jewel, Wujiang Mingshida Textile Co., Ltd. has been using our product ever since 2009. Up to now, we have been cooperated on 42 electronic jacquards of SEJ5120 series for home textile. The textile quality has been greatly improved with the introduction of our machine.