1. S8 Series of Electronic Jacquard

      Fully sealed, the enclosure of the electronic chain-driven jacquard is designed with internally circulated heat dissipation device. You are assured to find the right product from us with the hooks from 1408 to 36864 pieces.

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    1. A6 Series of Electronic Jacquard

      The simple shed structure and small quantity of parts are conducive to convenient maintenance and adjustment, which will save the maintenance cost, accordingly.

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    1. A5 Series of Electronic JacquardThe critical components are made of the superior raw material imported from other counties, such as the abrasion resistant and corrosion resistant harness cord from Italy, which is conducive to improving the working efficiency of the electronic jacquard for air-jet loom.
    1. SEJ159 Electronic Selvage Jacquard

      This range of electronic selvage jacquard can be used in conjunction with various kind of machines home and abroad like shuttle loom, rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom, and so on.

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    1. SEJ33 Electronic Ribbon JacquardBy virtue of the modular structure, our ribbon weaving machine has good suitability. It is possible for you to set up the machine for different applications.
    1. SEJ168 Series of Electronic Jacquard

      The simple shed structure, as well as the minimal quantity of parts and components, makes for the stable operation and the convenient maintenance of our textile weaving machine.

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Electric Jacquard

Our company continues to serve the weaving mills all over the world with reliable and multifunctional electric jacquard for weaving innovative and high-quality textiles, from the elegant silk fabric, complex industrial fabric, to decorative fabric. The wide ranges of product we offer include electronic selvage jacquard, electronic ribbon jacquard, electronic carpet jacquard, and some others.

Benefited from years of professional technology and experience, our company is in the position of providing high-quality product. The superior raw material and the long service life of our electric jacquard make for the outstanding performance of our equipment. The number of hooks can be from 72 to 36846.

The chain drive, which is the first invention in the industry, improves the transmission efficiency to 96%. Besides the maximum return, we can also offer internationally advanced technology to all the weaving mills.