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SEJ249 Series of Electronic Jacquard

Combined applications of the electronic jacquard creates maximum number of hooks by 36864


Our SEJ249 series of electronic jacquard is quite suitable for weaving flat fabrics and terry cloth on all types of air-jet loom, rapier loom and shuttle loom. The maximum quantity of hooks on one machine can be as high as 9216. Customer can select the textile machinery based on the weaving demand for the application on different types of machines.

1. Widely applied, the electronic jacquard has compact structure for easy installation.
2. To reduce the stress of the harness cord, the comber board of the electronic jacquard system is designed with small extension.
3. The optimal sealing reduces maintenance and extends the service life of the jacquard weaving machine.

Technical Parameters
Model: SEJ249-1536, 2688, 4224, 5376, 6144, 8448 and 9216.
Shedding height: 55-110mm
Maximum rotation speed: 650 rpm

Electronic Jacquard Spare Parts

Baoqiang jacquard CAD
The Baoqiang jacquard CAD tips, as well as the operation interface of help and page navigation, is conducive to the reliable and convenient operation.

Data output format: JC5, EP, WB, WBF, WBP, WEA, BMP, and so on.

  • M5 Module
  • M5 Module pulley
  • M5 Pulley
  • M5 Module
  • Motion iron
  • Magnet
  • Mobile hook
  • Ciel card
  • Pulley
  • Communication board
  • Expand board
  • Weft selection board
  • Harness cord
  • Module cable
  • Ciel card
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