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SEJ33 Electronic Ribbon Jacquard

Expert for Weaving Wide Ribbons


The SEJ33 electronic ribbon jacquard is particularly suitable for weaving wide ribbons for trademark or garment accessories, such as flat fabric, elastic belt, hollow belt, as well as other kinds of decorative belts.

By virtue of the modular structure, our ribbon weaving machine has good suitability. It is possible for you to set up the machine for different applications. Perfectly matched with air-jet loom, this electronic ribbon jacquard can fully meet the demand for weaving complex ribbon with trademark on it.

1. The synchronous belt made of imported steel wire is sturdy and durable for use.
2. The bearings of the steering wheel are imported, as well.
3. For outstanding durability, this electronic jacquard for air-jet loom is installed with steel wallboard and aluminium driving wheel with high transmission efficiency.
4. The height of the warp can be accurately adjusted.
5. Simple and convenient, the operation of the weaving equipment is flexible.

Technical Parameters
Number of Hooks: 320, 384, 448 and 640
Maximum Rotation Speed: 900 rpm

Electronic Jacquard Spare Parts

Baoqiang jacquard CAD
The Baoqiang jacquard CAD tips, as well as the operation interface of help and page navigation, is conducive to the reliable and convenient operation.

Data output format: JC5, EP, WB, WBF, WBP, WEA, BMP, and so on.

  • M5 Module
  • M5 Module pulley
  • M5 Pulley
  • M5 Module
  • Motion iron
  • Magnet
  • Mobile hook
  • Ciel card
  • Pulley
  • Communication board
  • Expand board
  • Weft selection board
  • Harness cord
  • Module cable
  • Ciel card
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