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SEJ159 Electronic Selvage Jacquard

Selvage Weaving Professional


Specially designed for worsted industry, the SEJ159 electronic selvage jacquard is employed for weaving fabric material, place of origin, brand name, and other related information on selvage. The hook number of the synchronous belt drive jacquard is from 72 to 288, applicable for weaving 2, 3 or 4 pieces of selvage, simultaneously.

Working together with different types of machines, our selvage weaving machine can satisfy the demand of different customers with its superior quality, stable performance and favorable reputation. Currently, our domestic market share has reached up to over 90%.

1. The location of the regulating device makes for safe and convenient adjustment of the servo motor drive electronic jacquard.
2. Fabric produced with our electronic selvage jacquard has stable quality due to the balanced and accurate motion mechanism.
3. The programming and control for the electronic jacquard machine is simple and convenient. So the operation of the double-lift jacquard is easy.
4. Less and easier maintenance is required, which will reduce the labour cost, accordingly.

Applicable Machine
This range of electronic selvage jacquard can be used in conjunction with various kind of machines home and abroad like shuttle loom, rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom, and so on.

Technical Parameters
Number of Hooks 72 72×2 72×3 72×4
96 96×2
Shed Mode Double-lift flat open jacquard
Shed Height 55-110mm
Max. Rotation Speed 900 rpm
Drive Mode 1. Synchronous belt drive, the most frequently used mode.
2. Chain drive, generally used under the circumstance of low speed or inconvenient dismantling of the multiple arm shaft.
3. Synchronously running servo motor. Accurate and reliable, this drive is applied when the multiple arm shafts can not be connected.
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) Product with 72 hooks: 275×265×500mm
Product with 96 hooks: 310×265×500mm

Electronic Jacquard Spare Parts

Baoqiang jacquard CAD
The Baoqiang jacquard CAD tips, as well as the operation interface of help and page navigation, is conducive to the reliable and convenient operation.

Data output format: JC5, EP, WB, WBF, WBP, WEA, BMP, and so on.

  • M5 Module
  • M5 Module pulley
  • M5 Pulley
  • M5 Module
  • Motion iron
  • Magnet
  • Mobile hook
  • Ciel card
  • Pulley
  • Communication board
  • Expand board
  • Weft selection board
  • Harness cord
  • Module cable
  • Ciel card
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