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A6 Series of Electronic Jacquard


Particularly suitable for various kinds of rapier loom, air jet loom, and water-jet loom, the A6 series of electronic jacquard is manufactured with steel body. The square steel base makes for the smooth and steady placement, ensuring the safe operation of the integrated electronic jacquard.


1. The fully enclosed and internally circulated cooling system adopts cross-flow fan, featuring big air volume, long life time, low noise and stable operation. Therefore, the stable and reliable operation of the electric system can be guaranteed.

2. The simple shed structure and small quantity of parts are conducive to convenient maintenance and adjustment, which will save the maintenance cost, accordingly.

3. For stable placement and reliable operation, the electronic jacquard is provided with special structure capable of absorbing shock.

4. Noise free and maintenance free, the flexible diaphragm coupling for textile weaving machine has high elasticity, high torque, and small inertia.

5. The fully sealed bearings of the fabric weaving machine require no maintenance.

6. The main transmission parts for the crank-driven chain are consisted of standard components. With 96% transmission efficiency, the self-lubricating chain has the bearing capacity and lifetime 3-5 times that of the regular chains.

This A6 series electronic jacquard can be used for producing casement, beddings, carpet and tapestry, garment materials, craft brocade, towel, sari, trademark, jacquard, tie, decorative cloth, sofa fabric, lint, lining, gauze cloth, and some others.

Technical Parameters
Model A6-1152 A6-1408 A6-2688 A6-5376 A6-6912 A6-8448 A6-9216
Shed Height 50-125mm
Maximum Rotation Speed 300 rpm
Number of Hooks 1152 1408 2688 5376 6912 8448 9216

Dimensional Drawings

Electronic Jacquard Spare Parts

Baoqiang jacquard CAD
The Baoqiang jacquard CAD tips, as well as the operation interface of help and page navigation, is conducive to the reliable and convenient operation.

Data output format: JC5, EP, WB, WBF, WBP, WEA, BMP, and so on.

  • M5 Module
  • M5 Module pulley
  • M5 Pulley
  • M5 Module
  • Motion iron
  • Magnet
  • Mobile hook
  • Ciel card
  • Pulley
  • Communication board
  • Expand board
  • Weft selection board
  • Harness cord
  • Module cable
  • Ciel card
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