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S8 Series of Electronic Jacquard


The S8 series of electronic jacquard is driven by crank-link mechanism. The simple shed mechanism effectively improves the working efficiency. In addition to the 96% chain transmission efficiency, the carrying capacity and life time of the self-lubricating chain are 3-5 times that of the common chain. You can see an immediate reduction in maintenance cost and procurement cost for new machines.

Fully sealed, the enclosure of the electronic chain-driven jacquard is designed with internally circulated heat dissipation device. You are assured to find the right product from us with the hooks from 1408 to 36864 pieces.

1. The maximum rotating speed can be as high as 650 rpm. Moreover, the small torque makes the product suitable for weaving fabrics requiring heavy load needles and heavy patterns.
2. The fully sealed enclosure, as well as the internally circular heat dissipation, ensures the stable and reliable operation of the electrical system.
3. Installed with flexible diaphragm coupling, the electronic jacquard features high elasticity, high torque, and small inertia. In addition to the low noise, you are free from worrying about the maintenance of the electronic bedding jacquard.
4. The complete sealing can prevent the bearing from being damaged. Therefore, no maintenance for the bearing is required.

This weaving machine can be applied for weaving casement, beddings, carpet and tapestry, garment materials, craft brocade, towel, sari, trademark, jacquard, tie, decorative cloth, sofa fabric, lint, lining, gauze cloth, and so on.

Technical Parameters
Product Name S8 Series of Electronic Jacquard
Number of Hooks 1408, 2688, 5376, 6912, 8448, 9216, 10240, 12288, 14336, 15360, 16384, 18432, and 36864.
Shed Height 50-125mm
Maximum Rotating Speed 650 rpm

Electronic Jacquard Spare Parts

Baoqiang jacquard CAD
The Baoqiang jacquard CAD tips, as well as the operation interface of help and page navigation, is conducive to the reliable and convenient operation.

Data output format: JC5, EP, WB, WBF, WBP, WEA, BMP, and so on.

  • M5 Module
  • M5 Module pulley
  • M5 Pulley
  • M5 Module
  • Motion iron
  • Magnet
  • Mobile hook
  • Ciel card
  • Pulley
  • Communication board
  • Expand board
  • Weft selection board
  • Harness cord
  • Module cable
  • Ciel card
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